Banner Project workshop

Steps to construct banner:
1. Measure and cut out banner and sleeve.
2. Use Wonder Tape along the outside edges of the banner, fold to crease material, remove paper tape and fold hem. You could also draw a line 1/4" in from the three outside edges to use as a guide for the Wonder Tape.
3. Fold one end of sleeve twice at approximately 1/2" and 1", then  stitch closed. This will be the bottom of the sleeve.
4. Fold other end of sleeve over twice, to match banner length; secure with Wonder Tape if desired. Fold sleeve lengthwise in half and crease - do not use Wonder Tape yet.
5. Use Wonder Tape along inside (long) edge of banner on one side of material and remove paper tape. Slightly open sleeve and carefully place one inside edge of the sleeve along the tape. Adjust length of sleeve at top of banner as needed
6. Flip banner to other side and repeat tape and placement of other inside edge of sleeve along the tape.
7. Begin stitching at top of banner - this is one continuous seam. Note: at each turning point, leave the needle in the "down" position to ease turning the material.

8. Done! Take it outside, plant the pole, slip the sleeve over the pole and brighten up the world a little!